ASL Series

The ASL series solid state relay terminal blocks allow users to easily switch between NPN common and PNP common inputs using a jumper bar. Users can also change between independent and common output options using jumper bars. The screwless push-in type connection offers easy wiring and stable connection.


▣ Common Features
* Switch between independent and load common output with jumper bar
* Easy wiring and stable connection with screwless push-in connection
* Operation status indicator (blue LED)
* Supported solid state relays: [Fujitsu] SN-24A01C, [Omron] 3GMC-202P, [Panasonic] AQG2224, AQG12124, AQZ202D
▣ 1-Pin Type
* Power common input using jumper bar
* DIN rail mount method
▣ 4-Pin Type
* Switch between NPN and PNP input using jumper bar
* Solid state relay protection cover
* Convenient solid state relay removal with removal lever
* DIN rail mount and screw mount methods


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