I/O Terminal Blocks

I/O terminal blocks are widely used to connect various devices in a industrial environments and accomplish ideal system configurations.

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  • ACR Series

    Common Terminal Blocks (Rising Clamp Type)
  • ACL Series

    Common Terminal Blocks (Screwless Push-In Type)
  • ASL Series

    Solid State Relay Terminal Blocks (Screwless Type)
  • ABL Series

    Screwless Relay Terminal Blocks
  • ABS Series

    Optimized solution to operate diverse loads using PLC output signals
  • AFE Series

    Easy wiring works using sensor connectors (CNE Series)
  • ACS Series

    No jumper bars required due to built-in PCB common
  • AFS Series

    Ideal for connector type PLC and dedicated controllers
  • AFR Series

    Quick Connect Interface Terminal Blocks (Rising Clamp Type)
  • AFL Series

    Quick Connect Interface Terminal Blocks (Screwless Push-In Type)