Temperature Controllers

Temperature controllers are used to receive measured temperature and release outputs to maintain desired temperatures.

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  • TMH Series

    Modular Multi-Channel High Performance Temperature Controllers
  • T4LP Series

    Dual setting type, High accuracy temperature controller
  • T3/T4 Series

    Upgraded Features Including Revamped Design and Size Reduction
  • THD Series

    Room/Wall Mount/Duct Mount Type Temperature/Humidity Transducer
  • T4WM Series

    Automatic switching function of 5 point temperature indication
  • TF3 Series

    Refrigeration Temperature Controllers
  • TC3YF Series

    Refrigeration Temperature Controller
  • TOS/TOM/TOL Series

    Analog and Non-indicating type, Set temperature by dial
  • TA Series

    Analog, Non-Display, PID Control Temperature Controller
  • TZN/TZ Series

    Dual PID Control Temperature Controller
  • TM Series

    Modular Multi-Channel PID Temperature Controllers
  • TB42 Series

    Board Type, Dual PID Control Temperature Controller