BEN Series

BEN Series is built-in amplifier type in a compact size. This type has an indicator to allow users to identify operation status of sensors from a long distance.


* Small and power supply built-in type
* Easy installation with LED indicators on product
* Light ON/Dark ON operation mode switch
* Status and output LED indication
* Built-in IC photo diode for disturbing light and electrical noise

* Sensing for position, presence and absence of bottles in production lines

Title Type Size
BEN Series _ROHS Certification application/pdf 105 KB
BEN Series (DC Type, CE Mark) application/pdf 97 KB
Photoelectric Sensors Selection Guide application/pdf 251 KB
BEN Series application/pdf 1,011 KB
Photoelectric Sensors (Applications) application/pdf 399 KB
Photoelectric Sensors (Technical Description) application/pdf 637 KB
Photoelectric Sensors (Product Overview) application/pdf 758 KB
Photoelectric Sensors (Ordering Information) application/pdf 247 KB
MST Series application/pdf 931 KB
BEN Series application/pdf 718 KB