BL Series

The BL series photoelectric liquid level sensors can detect the presence or absence of liquid in transparent pipes measuring 6 to 13 mm in diameter and less than 1 mm thick. Users can easily select between Light ON and Dark ON operation using the operation mode switch. With compact design and easy installation, the BL series sensors are ideal solutions for non-contact detection of liquid in transparent pipes.


* Photoelectric sensors for non-contact detection of liquid in transparent pipes
* Detection methods and minimum target size
* Detect presence of liquid in transparent pipes (external diameter 6 to 13 mm, <1 mm thick)
* Compact size (W 23 x H 14 x L 13 mm)
* Light ON/Dark ON operation mode switch
* Operation mode indicator (green LED) [Light ON: on, Dark ON: off]
* Operation status indicator (red LED)
* Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit and output short-circuit (overcurrent) protection circuit
* Protection bracket (sold separately) for Ø12.7 mm (1/2 in) pipes
* IP64 protection structure (IEC standard)

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