CNE Series

Autonics is proudly introducing Sensor Connector CNE Series. CNE Series boosts productivity in workplace by saving workforce and work time by more than 50% and hence reducing labor costs. Also, this device can maximize your work efficiency with high productivity by reducing not only the initial installation costs but also regular maintenance costs.


Wire mount plug/socket
* Compact and highly reliable of pressure welding connector
* Enables to connect wires as wire mount plug/socket
* Different 9 colors of cover by wire diameter
* Visible wiring status with translucent cover

Board mount socket
* Enables to insert 4, 2, or 1 wire mount plugs
* Contact placed in mold against electric shock and short-circuit
* Mountable on board closely

* Significantly reduces connection time and effort
* Wide products range for various wires
* Compact and high density installation with 2mm of contact pitch
* Compliance with e-CON
* Max. 3A of current capacity by a pin

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