Digital Scaling meter

Digital scaling meter M4Y/M4W/M4M/M5W series consists of various kinds of model types including indicator and single/dual preset type to allow users more diverse selection. Also, it improves users convenience with linear display function depending on input specification and 19999(M5W), 1999(others) of maximum display range.

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* Max. display: 19999 (M5W), 1999 (others)
* 7-segment LED display
* Case size by DIN specification
* Linear display function by INPUT specification
* Indicator, single preset output type, dual preset output type

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M4Y Series (ROHS) application/pdf 109 KB
Panel Meters Selection Guide application/pdf 1 MB
M4Y Series application/pdf 337 KB
M5W Series application/pdf 346 KB
M4M Series application/pdf 367 KB
M4W Series application/pdf 370 KB
Panel Meters (Technical Description) application/pdf 297 KB
Panel Meters (Product Overview) application/pdf 478 KB
Panel Meters (Ordering Information) application/pdf 64 KB
M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M Series application/pdf 2 MB