EP58 Series

The Ø58mm absolute type rotary encoders EP58 Series offer economical price and provide high reliability with precise detection. In addition, the front nut mounting style design allows more convenient setting. Furthermore, a wide variety of product types fully satisfy your needs.

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* Ø58mm flange type
* Applicable to various mounting environments
* Various output code: BCD, Binary, Gray code (customizable)
* Various and high resolution (720, 1024-division)

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EP58SC Series (ROHS) application/pdf 108 KB
E58/EP58 Series (CE Mark) application/pdf 272 KB
Rotary Encoders Selection Guide application/pdf 2 MB
EP58 Series application/pdf 786 KB
Rotary Encoders (Applications) application/pdf 258 KB
Rotary Encoders (Technical Description) application/pdf 370 KB
Rotary Encoders (Product Overview) application/pdf 877 KB
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