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MT4N Series

The MT4N series compact digital panel meters are available in various input and output options, allowing flexible application in diverse environments. The units can display measured values between -1999 and 9999, and features various user-friendly functions including high/low-limit display scale, AC frequency measurement, zero-point adjustment, and PV transmission output scale.

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* Various input/output options (by model)
– Input options: DC voltage, DC current, AC voltage, AC current
– Output options: RS485 communication output, PV transmission output (DC 4-20 mA), NPN/PNP open collector output, relay contact output
*default option: indicator/no output
* Maximum allowed input: 50 VDC, DC 500 mA, 250 VAC, AC 5 A
* Display range: -1999 to 9999
* High/low-limit display scale function
* AC frequency measurement (range: 0.1 to 9999 Hz)
* Various functions: peak display value monitoring, display cycle delay, zero-point adjustment, peak display value correction, PV transmission output (DC 4-20 mA) scale
* Power supply: 12-24 VDC/VAC, 100-240 VAC

Title Type Size
DAQMaster V2.6.0 application/zip 78 MB
MT Series LP-S044-S1D0 Multi Communication Program Source application/zip 6 KB
MT Series GP-S057-S1D0 Multi Communication Program Source application/zip 6 KB
MT Series GP-S044-S1D0 Multi Communication Program Source application/zip 7 KB
MT4N Series (CE Mark) application/pdf 348 KB
MT Series (User manual) application/pdf 1 MB
MT - Q02H (RS485) (Technical Support Manual) application/pdf 2 MB
DAQMaster V2.7 (User manual) application/pdf 9 MB
Panel Meters Selection Guide application/pdf 1 MB
MT Series (Communication manual) application/pdf 1 MB
MT4N Series application/pdf 514 KB
MT4N/Mt4Y/MT4W (Command Fetures) application/pdf 330 KB
Panel Meters (Technical Description) application/pdf 297 KB
Panel Meters (Product Overview) application/pdf 478 KB
Panel Meters (Ordering Information) application/pdf 64 KB
MT4N/MT4Y/MT4W Series Common Features application/pdf 659 KB
MT4N Series application/pdf 589 KB