PMC-2HSN Series

Newly released high-Speed 2-axis programmable motion controller PMC-2HSN Series, the general type of PMC-2HSP, is compact sized and supports DIN Rail mounting, 4 operating modes : Jog, Continuous, Index, Program mode for easier control of various position. In addition, more convenient motion control with “MotionStudio”, its dedicated programming tool made of 13 commands, easier work of complicated programming jobs with its 200 step memory, and controlling up to 32axis(16units) via RS485 serial communication. (Modbus RTU).


* Independent 2-axis controlling with high operation speed of max. 4Mpps
* Linear/Circular interpolation control (PMC-2HSP)
* Realizing a wide variety of operation up to 200 steps using 17 different operation programs (13 commands except circular/linear interpolation command for PMC-2HSN series)
* Carious control interface available (USB, RS232C, RS485, Parallel I/F)
* Controlling up to 32 axis (16 units) via RS485 serial communication (Modbus RTU)
* 4 operation modes: jog, Continuous, Index, Program mode
* Symmetrical/ asymmetrical trapezoid, S-shaped de/ acceleration driving function.

Title Type Size
atMotion V1.2.0.903 application/zip 19 MB
[Previous] PMC-HS Management Program application/zip 7 MB
PMC-2HSP(2HSN) C Library Series application/zip 17 MB
[Previous] MotionStudio(v1.0.3.35) application/zip 6 MB
[Previous] PMC-1HS/2HS I/O Program application/zip 7 MB
PMC Series (KC) application/zip 11 MB
atMotion (User manual) application/pdf 6 MB
PMC-2HSP/2HSN Series (User manual) application/pdf 8 MB
Stepper Motors / Stepper Motor Drivers / Motion Controllers Selection Guide application/pdf 6 MB
PMC-2HSP/PMC-2HSN Series (Library Manual) application/pdf 3 MB
PMC-2HSP/PMC-2HSN Series application/pdf 478 KB
atMotion (Catalog) application/pdf 879 KB
Stepper Motors & Drivers & Controllers (Applications) application/pdf 508 KB
Stepper Motors & Drivers & Controllers (Technical Description) application/pdf 582 KB
PMC-2HSP,PMC-2HSN Series application/pdf 403 KB