The cylindrical long sensing distance spatter-resistant connector type proximity sensors PRDACM series are coated with teflon for high thermal resistance and prevent malfunctions caused by welding spatter. The specialized IC developed by Autonics offer excellent noise resistance and IP67 protection rating ensures safe application in wet or dusty settings. The sensors are an excellent alternative to spatter-resistant limit switches, and are available in DC 3-wire and DC 2-wire types.

*Cable type (PRDAT) and connector cable types (PRDAWT) are only available in DC 2-wire type

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* Coated with teflon for high thermal resistance (prevent malfunction from spatter)
* Excellent noise resistance with specialized IC
* Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit (DC 3-wire type)
* Built-in surge protection circuit and overcurrent (short-circuit) protection
* IP67 protection structure (IEC standard)
* Excellent alternative to spatter-resistant limit switches

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