PS/PSN Series

This brick shaped proximity sensor PS/PSN Series features world best class superior noise resistance with exclusively designed IC. There are various size options to choose from.

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* Excellent noise immunity with specialized sensor IC
* Long life cycle, reliable performance, economical, and easy-to-install
* Operation indicator (red LED)
* Built-in surge protection circuit
* Built-in overcurrent protection circuit (DC types)
* Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit (DC 3-wire types)
* IP67 protection structure (IEC standard)[PSN17]
* Alternate frequency models allow adjacent installation of multiple sensors without interference (PSN17-□-F)
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PSN DC Type Series (CE Mark) application/pdf 202 KB
PSN Series (CE Mark) application/pdf 80 KB
PS Series (DC Type -CE Mark) application/pdf 73 KB
Proximity Sensors Selection Guide application/pdf 2 MB
PR/PRW/PRCM/PSN Series (DC 2Wire) application/pdf 537 KB
PSN Series (DC Type) application/pdf 392 KB
PSN Series (AC Type) application/pdf 314 KB
PS Series application/pdf 1 MB
PS Series (DC Type) application/pdf 1 MB
PS Series (AC Type) application/pdf 1 MB
Proximity Sensors (Proper Usage) application/pdf 666 KB
Proximity Sensors (Applications) application/pdf 641 KB
Proximity Sensors (Technical Description) application/pdf 744 KB
Proximity Sensors (Product Overview) application/pdf 5 MB
Proximity Sensors (Ordering Information) application/pdf 268 KB
PS/PSN Series application/pdf 501 KB