TX Series

The TX series temperature controllers feature easy-to-read LCD displays with large, white PV characters. The 11-segment displays used for PV and SV are useful for displaying various alphanumeric characters and provide improved legibility. The temperature controllers also feature 50 ms high-speed sampling cycle and ±0.3% display accuracy. The space-saving design with 45 mm depth allows easy installation in limited spaces (DIN 48 x 48 mm models). The TX series can be configured and monitored on PCs via USB or RS485 communication, and are available in diverse sizes for flexible installation in various environments.


※ The faceplate design has been upgraded on all models

※ New sizes have been added to the line-up: W 72 x H 72 mm (TX4M), W 48 x H 96 mm (TX4H), W 96 x H 96 mm (TX4L)

  • 50ms high-speed sampling rate and ±0.3% display accuracy
  • Large LCD display with easy-to-read white PV characters
  • Switch between current output and SSR drive output
  • SSR drive output (SSRP function) control options : ON/OFF control, cycle control, phase control
  • Communication output model available : RS485 (Modbus RTU)
  • Parameter configuration via PC (RS485 communication) : DAQMaster software included (comprehensive device management software)
  • Compact, space-saving design with 45mm depth : 30% rear-length size reduction compared to similar-sized (48×48mm) models from Autonics

    Terminal protection cover sold separately : RSA-COVER

Large LCD Display with Easy-to-Read White PV Characters

Large LCD display with 15.3mm white PV characters provides high visibility in various environments.

*PV character height: TX4S 14 mm, TX4M 17.3 mm, TX4H 15.8 mm, TX4L 26.8 mmBright environment

The display is highly visible from various viewing angles.

The display is highly visible from various viewing angles.

Compact Sized Design with 45mm Rear-Length

Minimized installation-space requirements by reducing the depth size by 30% compared to similar-sized Autonics models (48×48mm models)Compact Sized Design with 4mm Rear-Length

11-Segment Display Provides Improved Readability

11-segment displays used for PV and SV provide improved readability of alphanumeric characters.TX4S

50ms High-Speed Sampling Cycle

50ms high-speed sampling rate allows accurate temperature control in applications requiring fast response speeds.50ms High-Speed Sampling Cycle

Switch Between Current Output and SSR Drive Output

Users can select between current output and SSR drive output through parameter settings of a single unit.Switch Between Current Output and SSR Drive Output

SSR Drive Output (SSRP Function) Control Options

Users can select from ON/OFF control, cycle control, and phase control using standard SSR drive output option. Precise and accurate control is possible at low costs.SSR Drive Output(SSRP Function) Control Options

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Temperature Controllers

Technical Description

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TX Series


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DAQ Master

User Manual

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TX Series

Communication Manual

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TX Series

Instruction Manual

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TX Series (CE Mark)


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DAQMaster V 2.7.1 2991 (PC)


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