T4LP Series

Dual setting type temperature controller T4LP series can control heating and cooling at a time and realize high accuracy measurement of ±0.5% based on F•S value of each input. Also, it is dual setting type product that allows optimal low temperature controlling and high accuracy controlling. The series contributes to better user convenience by adopting digital switches.


Main features

● Dual setting type
● High accuracy measuring function: ±0.5%
● Control heater and cooler at once
● Use dual setting type of temperature when executing low temperature or precision control. In dual setting control type, the single output is operated as reverse, it is used for heater control. The dual output is used to control the operation of cooler normally. The dual output is also used for an alarm.

Specification Table


Model T4LP
Power supply 110/220VAC 50/60Hz
Allowable voltage range 90 to 110% of rated voltage
Power consumption Max. 3VA
Display method 7 Segment LED method
Character size(W×H) 9.5×14.2mm
Display accuracy F.S. ±0.5% rdg ±1digit
Setting type Digital setting
Setting accuracy F.S. ±0.5%
Sensor input Thermocouples: K(CA), J(IC), R(PR) / RTD: DPt100Ω
Input line resistance Thermocouples: Max. 100Ω, RTD: Allowable line resistance max. 5Ω per a wire
Control method ON/OFF control Hysteresis: F.S. 0.2 to 3% variable
P control Proportional band: F.S. 1 to 10%, Period: 20sec. fixed
RESET adjuster range F.S. ±3% variable (revision of control deviation / only for P control)
Control output • Relay contact output: 1st out: 250VAC 3A 1c, 2nd out: 250VAC 2A 1c
• SSR drive voltage output: 24VDC ±3V 20mA Max.
• Current output: DC4-20mA (load 600Ω Max.)
Self-diagnosis Built-in burn out function (cut off output when sensor is disconnected)
Insulation resistance Min. 100MΩ(at 500VDC megger)
Dielectric strength
Dielectric strength 2000VAC 50/60Hz for 1 minute
Noise strength ±2kV the square wave noise(pulse width:1㎲) by the noise simulator
Vibration Mechanical 0.75mm amplitude at frequency of 10 to 55Hz(for 1 min.) in each of X, Y, Z directions for 1 hour
Malfunction 0.5mm amplitude at frequency of 10 to 55Hz(for 1 min.) In each of X, Y, Z directions for 10 min.
Shock Mechanical 300m/s²(Approx. 30G) in each of X, Y, Z directions for 3 times
Malfunction 100m/s²(Approx. 10G) in each of X, Y, Z directions for 3 times
Relay life cycle Mechanical Min. 10,000,000 operations
Electrical Min. 100,000 operations(250VAC 3Aat resistive load)
Environment Ambient temperature -10 to 50℃, storage: -25 to 65℃
Ambient humidity 35 to 85%RH, storage: 35 to 85%RH
Unit weight Approx. 487g

※F.S. is same with sensor measuring temperature range.
Ex) In case of using temperature is from 600 to 1600℃, Full scale is 1000.
※Environment resistance is rated at no freezing or condensation.

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