Ampere meter

Panel meter for measuring DC, AC ampere M4Y/M4W/M4M/M5W series consists of various kinds of model types including indicator and single/dual preset type to allow users more diverse selection. Also, RMS/AVG value selection function contributes to better users’ convenience. Diverse functions including auto zero function, Hold function (except M5W) and 19999(M5W), 1999(others) of maximum display range are another feature of this series.

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* Max. display: 19999 (M5W), 1999 (others)
* Auto zero function or hold function (except for M5W)
* Selcetable RMS/AVG value (AC current)
* 7-segment LED display
* Case size by DIN specification
* Indicator, single preset output type, Dual preset output type

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M4Y Series (ROHS) application/pdf 109 KB
Panel Meters Selection Guide application/pdf 1 MB
M4Y Series application/pdf 337 KB
M5W Series application/pdf 346 KB
M4M Series application/pdf 367 KB
M4W Series application/pdf 370 KB
Panel Meters (Technical Description) application/pdf 297 KB
Panel Meters (Product Overview) application/pdf 478 KB
Panel Meters (Ordering Information) application/pdf 64 KB
M4Y/M4W/M5W/M4M Series application/pdf 2 MB