The SCM-USU2I USB temperature data loggers can simultaneously transmit 2 channels of real-time temperature data to PCs. Users can record monitor temperature using the Autonics DAQMaster software. The data loggers are USB-powered so additional power is not required. Communication is also possible with the USB connection. Various types of temperature sensor inputs are supported, with high-speed sampling rate of 50 ms. The compact, space-saving design and plug/socket type terminal connection allows easy installation and maintenance.


* Transmit 2 channels of real-time temperature data to PCs
* Record and monitor temperature using DAQMaster (comprehensive device management software)
* USB-powered device with USB communication interface (Modbus RTU)
* Supports various input types (thermocouple, RTD, mA, V) and different sensors can be assigned to each channel
* 50 ms high-speed sampling rate (simultaneous 2-channel sampling)
* Easy wiring with plug/socket type terminal
* Compact, space-saving design (W 45 x H 25.3 x L 75 mm)
* DIN rail and screw mount methods

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