M4NS/M4YS Series

Digital scaling meter M4NS/M4YS series adopts loop powered power supply type which providing power supply from measuring input so that it can run inner circuit without additional power source. Various functions including -1999 to 9999 max display range, free scaling function and monitoring display value and peak value make the series more user convenient ever.
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* Loop powered type: Power from measured input
* Measurement input: DC4-20mA
* Max. display range: -1999 to 9999
* High/low-limit display scale function
* Decimal point change function
* High/low-limit input correction function
* Display Max./Min. value monitoring function
* Changeable delay time of monitoring Max./Min. value
* Display cycle change function
(Selectable 0.5 sec/1 sec/2 sec/3 sec/4 sec/5 sec)
* Error display function

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