ATS Series

ATS Series is a small analog multi-functional timer that allows wide ranges of power supply options and time setting options for users. This series is highly cost efficient and is equipped with a vast range of output operation modes. Also, this series gives freedom of options to users by adopting 37 different types within the line-up including Star-Delta, Power-off, Delay and Twin timers.

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* Wide power supply range
: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 24-240VDC (universal), 24VAC 50/60Hz / 24VDC (universal), 12VDC
* Various output operations(6 operation modes)
* Multi time range (12 types of time range)
* Wide time setting range (0.1 sec to 30 hour)
* Close and DIN rail mounting with a dedicated socket (PS-M8) width 41mm
* Easy mounting and installation/maintenance with dedicated bracket for DIN 48×48mm

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Timers Selection Guide application/pdf 421 KB
ATS8SD-4 Series application/pdf 134 KB
ATS8W/11W Series application/pdf 1 MB
ATS11 Series application/pdf 544 KB
ATS8 Series application/pdf 527 KB
ATS8W/11W Series application/pdf 455 KB
ATS8SD-4 Series application/pdf 852 KB
ATS8/11 Series application/pdf 594 KB
ATS8P Series application/pdf 501 KB